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Alexandra Puşcaş

1999, Bihor, Romania. Lives and works in Antwerp

The ongoing struggle between harmony and disharmony in materials always results in abstract reliefs that evoke a sense of live. With an insatiable fascination for the expressive potential of colors and materials, I transcend physical limitations to create canvases bordering on sculptural forms. My canvas is an expansive terrain on which I can dive deeply.


By creating multiple layers, an intriguing abstraction emerges, with the narrative aspect fading into the background. Natural materials react to each other, helping determine the direction of my work. The act of painting itself, which is a crucial part of the process, manifests as a representation of controlled intuition.

2024    Second Room, Antwerp

2023   Current, Antwerp
2023   FAAR & beyond, Antwerp
2023   The Unchained, ArtTelex, Antwerp 
2023   Seas: Albastrui, Cultuurcentrum Scharpoord, Knokke-Heist (solo)
2023   Antwerp Art Weekend: Two Floors and A Door, THE PLATFORM, Antwerp, (duoshow)
2022   ToBeAntwerp, Heilige-Geestkerk, Antwerp
2022   Master Exposition, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp

2022   Pandemic Manifesto, ArtTelex, Antwerp,  cur. Ivan Buytaert

2022   Tram 1, Ijzerlaan 7, Antwerp, cur. Niko Dockx
2022   Daemons Always Ask Nicely, Blikfabriek, Antwerp


2021   The Platform, VCRB Gallery, Antwerp

2021   Terrain Vague, Plein Magazijn, Antwerp

2021   @ A, Antwerp

2021   The Ideal Studio, De Lange Zaal, Antwerp, cur. Laurance Patrone


2022   Department Award Painting 2022, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp

2020   First Prize Drawingmarathon 2020, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp


2021   Bachelor's Degree - Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Painting Department, Antwerp

2022   Master's Degree - Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Painting Department, Antwerp

Artist Talk

2023   Moderated talk by Hilde Van Canneyt together with Arthur Van de Velde 

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